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My name is Cheryl Anne. I am a ThirtySomething Los Angeles Native and now Silicon Valley Transplant. During the day, I am an engineer and I really enjoy developing technology. After hours, I do about anything and everything that piques my interest.

I am a girl with a hobbyist identity crisis. I try to partake in almost every activity that I can learn about. You will find my adventures learning about new stuff documented here. I will try my best to contain that list of things I do so that I can actually excel in a small set of things as opposed to be a newbie in everything.

I am definitely my mother’s daughter. I love retail. I love fashion. I love crafting. My blog contains several of my posts documenting the latest things I bought or made. I will try my best to take as many pictures as possible and to provide enough prose to go with it. Lately, I have been getting acquainted with my digital camera and posting youtube videos.

So, you have it, internet dweller. My blog does not have a specific topic to it since its specifically about my meanderings. And as I progress in this random walk, let’s see where it shall take me. 🙂


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