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If you like my blog, then I highly recommend you check out blogs that I frequent! I love love love looking at other blogs so please check back on this page as it will be updated regularly.

A Bite of Soul
My SIL is passionate about Fil-Am culture, food, and travel. She shares her adventures with my brother be it in the kitchen or out and about.

My cousin Audrey works in the fashion industry and has a keen eye for design. She has amazing tips on hosting and doing design DIYs for the home.

Makeup and Beauty Blog
I’ve been reading Karen’s blog since I really got into high end makeup *coughMACCosmeticscough*. I frequent her blog nearly daily to get my new makeup fix especially while I’m trying to get through my makeup no-buy. I adore her  and Tabs.

Six Figures Under
I’ve stumbled upon this blog when looking up recipes for homemade detergent. Stephanie is very open and honest about handling debt and is on a critical path to get rid of her and her husband’s debt. Her posts are very informative and her money saving tips can be applied to anyone regardless of his/her debt situation.

The CC Daily
I’ve always wanted to be a DJ but didn’t have the drive that would get me there. Christina does and is documenting her hustle to be a radio DJ in Los Angeles. I’m rooting for her and living vicariously through her blog.

Buttons and Chary
Chary runs her lifestyle blog where she documents establishing her career and finding her way as she made the big move to New York City. Her posts are very insightful and addresses a lot of issues we’ve faced in our twenties.

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